Ministry Overview

Rise up worshipers and intercessors to protect the destiny of eternity.

Asia Forerunner Ministries was founded by Pastor Daniel in 2017. We are called by God to rise up a kingdom company of bridal warriors. Asia Forerunner Ministries are committed to provide not only national meetings but also international conferences. By inviting great men and women of God who walk intimately with the Lord in the realm of glory, we desire to see them pass on and ignite the fire of Asia’s revival.

For several years we have been faithfully serving the Chinese brides in Asia, including Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and other regions with various training and courses.

We are committed to prepare the body of Christ to welcome the glory of God’s kingdom on earth; to become a forerunner strong in faith; to live a life that is pleasing to God; to be a beautiful testimony for the Lord; to fight a good fight for God Almighty and the Truth; to experience Jesus Christ more deeply; to enter into God’s glorious and abundant presence; to receive heavenly power and win the lost souls for the Lord.

Habakkuk 2:14
The knowledge of the glory of Jehovah must fill a piece of land, just like water fills the ocean.